The taming of the wolf

by Maxim Senin

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


I have very humble roots,
Roaming, hunting in the woods
Neither royal blood nor mutt
Five other siblings I have got
A Grey Wolf, I’ve got it down
Never bowed to anyone
My friends and enemies all knew
I’d maul their throats if I had to.

o-o o o-o

By now I should be dead, perhaps:
Hunters’ bullets, bear traps
Captured, beaten, starved and caged
I’d bite the chain and fight with rage
A proud Gray Wolf can not be tamed
Even if he’s badly maimed
Feeding me will do no good
Freedom’s sweeter than the food

o-o o o-o

But one day it all had changed
My brothers thought I was deranged
Door opened and I walked inside
Then I forgot my foolish pride
Now at your feet, your silent slave
Your attention’s all I crave
I’ll climb for you a mountain steep
I’ll fetch you pearls from ocean’s deep

I’ll entertain, I’ll keep you warm
I’ll find a shelter for a storm
Guard the house when you’re asleep
Do your bidding with no peep
I’ll quench your thirst in times of drought
Twice a day we will go out
My friends would think I am a loon
When I’m howling at the moon

o-o o o-o

A Gray Wolf’s life is pretty swift
Each moment with you is a gift
I can’t say much, I simply growl
But don’t you see, I’m crying foul
When I see that bridal wreath
I bite my tongue and grind my teeth
I can’t live with all this dread
Just put a bullet through my head
He won’t love you like I do

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