The Way I Am

by Jen Rose

Genre: Americana/Country


Do you like the clothes I wear
Do you like the friends I have
Do you like the way I spend my time
Cause you say that you’re in love with me
That you wanna spend your life with me
But frankly you seem quite dissatisfied
Well I warned you if you try to change me
That it will drive you crazy
Your head will spin when you sleep at night
If you can’t love me the way I need
Don’t be scared just up and leave
Cause I don’t need to waste anyone’s time
I see the way you look at other girls when we go out
I wonder if you’d rather I stayed home
So you could feel the winds of freedom
Running through your hair
well Honey, one day that hair of yours will all be gone
But I’d love you all the same, no matter what, no please don’t change
Just stay with me if you love the way I am
Cause I don’t wanna think when we’re together
That you’re out looking for someone better
Just stay with me if you love the way I am.

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