There Are Angels

by Cheryl Metrick

Genre: Pop


I’ve got Angels watching over me
Yes, there are Angels
more than the eyes can see
I’ve always known within my heart
that I was not alone
Even though sometimes it felt
that I was…..then I was shown

That there are Angels watching over me
Yes, I’ve got Angels so don’t worry about me
There‘ve been times that I was down
lower than I’ve ever been
But they whispered in my ear
and I got up, got up again

Cause there are Angels watching over me
Yes I’ve got Angels they’re here for you and me
We are all a part of One
and that’s why we are here
So don’t let the darkness win
when you feel the chill of fear

You may not hear’em with your ears
may not see’em with your eyes
But they’re here to touch your heart
with the truth, not with lies

We’re connected to each other
we each play a vital part.
Open your mind to the Angels
open the door to your heart

Cause there are Angels watching over you
Yes you’ve got Angels
deep inside you know it’s true
Just believe and you will see
that there are Angels everywhere
They are here to heal our hearts,
yes they hear our every prayer

For there are Angels in every corner of this world
There are Angels every time a leaf’s unfurled
They’re in the music in your mind
and the voice within your heart
You can hear them in a song
or see them in a work of art

Yes there are Angels…..yes there are Angels
And they’re watching over you… and me

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