These Four Walls

by Jon Storm, Ramsey Noah

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


These Four Walls
Music and Lyrics by Jon Storm and Ramsey Noah

Verse 1
It’s more,
More than just a shelter
A place to hang a picture
Or rest your weary head

It’s a place to laugh and love in
Tell your secrets and reveal your sins
A place to keep each other close
When the outside’s looking in

But These Four Walls
Are empty and alone
These Four Walls
A place we once called home

The echo of your footsteps
Thundering in my head
I wish I’d never let you go
And These Four Walls
Are calling you back home

Verse 2
Now here,
Here I go without you
A plan I hadn’t thought through
I wish I could go back

PC 2
To a place we once believed in
Where you became my best friend
A place where we hoped to grow old
Now cold as an unfamiliar hand

I can brave this winter
But there’s no more time to lose
We can live without these walls
But I can’t live without you

Double Chorus
These Four Walls,
Empty and alone
These Four Walls
Are calling you back

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