They Crumble

by Angela Siracusa/Ken Kahler/Dean Malton

Genre: Americana/Country


Song: They Crumble

When darkness falls down avenues
And the sun has long since gone
She seeks the arms of someone new
To hold her till the dawn

The loneliness in her face
Covered carefully
With a touch a kiss a warm embrace
Week n’ helplessly

Her heart is beating she’s given in
For another lovers tumble
Not once not twice she let them in
And one by one they crumble
Oh Oh they crumble

She’ll meet a man, she’s known for years
He’ll hold her tenderly
And when he does she’ll reminisce
Bout’ how it used to be

Like a lovers waltz danced real slow
Having all, wanting more
She hopes her man will never know
When she’s creeping out the door

Chorus 2X

It used to be so good you know

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