This Cloud

by Cédric TheVost

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Making this song, will it ever be heard?
Will people sing along, or is it absurd,
Thinking about this.
Making up rhymes a pen in my fist.

Insecure and unsure, trying to fight the pain.
The cure’s at the door, but will it be in vain?
Will I pass it along,
Making things real as I’m singing you this song.

In the dark, as this cloud passes over me.
See a spark in the background, will it be for me?

Stop looking, you’re holding me back.
No kidding, I’m ready to attack.
Just need a few things.
My faith, my courage, are some of I’ll bring.

Fear aside, I know it can work.
Following the tide, watching fireworks.
I know some are mine.
Keeps smiling and going, everything will be fine.


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