This Kind of Love

by J. Lutes

Genre: Americana/Country


You said, ”Take me with you,“ as I wiped the tears from your eyes
I can’t believe how my heart skips a beat when you cry
Please, stay in the arms of this paradise where you belong
Here, from the edge of the ocean is where I’ll be sailing alone

I let your hands fall
As I stepped into the rain
Will you forgive me
If I come this way again
And if the years that pass from now ‘til then
Are kind enough to let me live
I won’t find
This kind of love

We met on the outskirts of higher society ways
The son of a farmer and a gentleman’s daughter embraced
I, knew when you told me you loved me, how this would all end
Life, is tragic and beautiful, and over before it begins – See more at:

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