This man I’ve built myself

by Adam Waselnuk

Genre: Pop


I’m so sorry I don’t understand you in the least.
Could it be your pantyhose? Your perfect teeth?

Alls I know is we should have been friends before last week.
All those times, we could have talked, and not been shy.

Here we go it’s time to change things, stir that static pot.
‘Cause people change, and I’m the one, to bring it home.

Sticks and Stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.
Sticks and Stone will break my bones, but I’m so good at healing.

Give me time to grow into this man I’ve built myself.
Or did you think my super strength came ready made?

There are those who try to throw this image in my face.
But I don’t care, I’ve got my own and this ain’t a race.

I can be embarrassed, walked on, generally disgraced.
But I don’t care, I like you now, I like you now.

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