This Man of Mine

by Timothy Wenzel

Genre: Americana/Country


I felt him fall
This man of mine
Deep in the earth
In Number Nine mine

Dear God be with him
With your love divine
Holding tight to the hand
That once held mine

His days were so short
His nights were so long
Then came that day
When it all went so wrong

And our world came falling
Like old Number Nine
And I lost my love
This man of mine

And here fall my tears
Wetting his grave
I pray to God
For his soul to save

And the light around me
The warm spring air
Bringing forth the flowers
And I feel he is there


The evening he left
He kissed me goodbye
Stepped off the porch
and walked toward the mine

And he turned to face me
As if to say
I love you my darlin’
But I must be on my way

Over these hills
So far away
Down by the stream
Where the yellow poplars sway

Is the place I first met him
And knew he was mine
And he laughed in his way
And his eyes were so kind

And still fall my tears
Wetting his grave
Autumn has come
Winter on its way

And the leaves come falling
Like tears from the sky
Oh how I will miss
This man of mine

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