This Must Be Love

by Peter scales

Genre: Jazz/Blues


I thought a lot about the things she said,
I thought she was a-dreamin’ of somebody else instead.
But then she stayed and kicked up such a holy fuss,
that I said this must be love!
this must be love!
oh oh oh whoa oh oh

Just the other day she said she wasn’t sure–
that life was like a pair of Jacks in 5-card draw,
talk is easy but it’s hard to take your chances,
and settle down, forget about your
come and go romances.
whoa oh oh whoa oh oh oh
oh oh oh whoa oh oh oh
this must be love, this must be love!

Well I thought a lot about the things she said,
’bout quittin’ my daily job and gettin’ a water bed.
She said now we can go around the world in 80 ways,
spend the summer in the south of France, and winter in…
Montego Bay,
oh oh oh aay aay
oh oh oh–
this must be love!

(spoken over repeats of “this must be love” chords)
Well thank for all comin’,
we’ve really enjoyed playin’ for you tonight.
Ya’ll come back next week and hear us again,
at the Route 55 Holiday Inn.
Goodnight now!

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