This Too Shall Pass

by Lynne Hanson

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


This Too Shall Pass
words & music Lynne Hanson

Been standing on this bridge for hours
I’ve stood here a hundred times
I feel an ache that I can’t shake
I’m thinking about crossing that line

Somedays even living feels wrong
Spent time at that rodeo
Where every second feels an hour long
And I’m just waiting till it’s time to go


There are days I only feel the pain
Even god don’t wanna know my name
Hold on through the wind and the rain
And know, this too shall pass

Party guests have all gone home
Smell of lonely fills the air
Hope is just a four letter word
When the feeling just ain’t there

I’m on a white knuckle ride
I’m spinning out of control
I feel the riptide pulling me down
Swallowing up my soul


You and me we’re two of a kind
You think nobody can tell
But I know the racing in your mind
Cause I’ve knelt at that wishing well

Takes will to walk through that fire
To believe you’ll see the sun
When all you ever feel is tired
And that you’re the only one

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