Thunder And Light

by Capers Simmons

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


I will be with you when permanent ends,
I will be there when unbreakable bends.
Tonight, I’ll be with you when you close your eyes,
So smile; I’ll stay until the last laugh cries.

And, if you should fall somewhere on the way,
Then I’ll be the one you lean on for strength.
So, stand. I’ll walk with you until you can run,
Again. I’ll be there till the last lap’s won.

Through the fire and the ice,
In the thunder and the light,
As the darkness dyes the white,
And the blackness breaks the bright,
As the ocean ends the waves,
As the evening ends the days,
Like a hero, hold you tight
In the thunder and the light.

When half of those who said they’d do or die choose
Death, and all the rest who fought for you lose
This, who’ll be the last to fall at your shoes?
Guess. I’ll fight until the fighting’s through.

When the promises they made to you break
In two, these bullets that they’ve loaded and aimed
At you, I’ll be the one to stand in their sights—
So, shoot. I’ll stay until the last shot’s fired.


How can I make you believe in me?
Here’s your proof: I’ll run into a building on fire
For you, climb the burning staircase to find
Your room, and if there’s no way out then I’ll die,
Too. I will burn with you—

When you cannot overcome,
Either many or the one
Like a hero, by your side,
In the thunder and the light

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