by Aljona Schnitzer

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


If I could bend time to my will
I might make the earth stop, I’d let her stay still
For a second or two, for a breath or a wink
Just to let the moment anchor and sink

Just to take it all in, to see what is true
Not to hover above but to boldly go through
Understand what I have and to learn what I lack
Turn both eyes straight ahead, unafraid to look back

I might not let them pass, these moments of truth
I could cherish each blink and hold on to my youth
I’d hold dear every glance, every touch, every smile
I could measure with care every step, every mile

But what if we could bend time to our will
Would we live more, and deeper – or rather stand still?
Would we be brave, undaunted – or stricken with fear?
Would we care with more purpose for those we hold dear?

It does not matter – the river will flow
And uncaring, relentless, it takes us in tow
And its current will bring us at last to the sea

– Where we turn into foam and seashells and sand
but for now, we are here, and we must understand –
the river won’t stop, an neither should we

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