Time of War

by Dave Nachmanoff

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Time of War
Dave Nachmanoff

Pack a bundle and we’ll leave tonight
Oh my darling this is not our fight
When the battle starts raging, there’ll be no way to stand to the side
If we don’t reach the border by dawn there’ll be nowhere to hide

How can love survive in a time of war?
Life is solitary, short, nasty, brutish and poor
The heart grows weary and battle sore
How can love survive in a time of war?

In this camp there is no privacy
Hardly human, we’re just refugees
This tent is crowded, like animals trapped in a pen
And we probably won’t see our friends and our families again


Under the blankets, feel the curve of your thigh
In the darkness hear a baby’s cry
Moonlight casts its shadows on the bodies all around
Like the aftermath of a battle, lying sleeping on the ground


A tiny patch of land to call our own
Somewhere safe where we can build a home
Here the line between life and death is as sharp as a knife
Is it too much to ask for a chance to make a new life?


In a time of war, in a time of war

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