To Hell with Spammers

by Alan Babbitt

Genre: Folk


Music and Lyrics by Alan Babbitt

There’s a story people tell of a special place in hell.
A place so horrific, it’s … just terrific for spammers.
Where they can toil among their own. Reap what they have sown.
With slimeballs and slackers and scoundrels and hackers and scammers.

Where they’re forced to work at the speed of berserk
While hearing the devils taunts.
To their colleagues in hell, they’re sentenced to sell
Crap … that nobody wants.


To hell with spammers – To Hell with their buddies as well
Let’s tell the spammers
No more talking – now It’s time to yell
We should put up a clamor. Throw ’em all in the slammer
And after that … they can all go to hell.

Verse 2

They’ll steal your Passwords in a flash – Your contacts and your cash
Their selfish cheating has us all deleting and deleting … And deleting
And then some bastard sends – a virus to all your friends.
It’s a sad fact of living – the gift that keeps giving – & giving – & giving.

Aww, It all makes me curse, but what’s really the worst,
gets me snippy, snarky and snorting.
First my focus is blown – by the sound of the phone
Then I’m spammed – by a damned recording.

I say to hell with spammers – don’t let ’em poison the well
We gotta quell them spammers – we gotta ring their closing bell
We should put up a clamor – throw ’em all in the slammer.
And after that – they can all rot in hell

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