Together in You

by Chris Gleason

Genre: Rock


Together in You
(Music and Lyrics by Chris Gleason)

You tend to fret about your high-class dinner guests
You’d rather let the wolves in than risk a wet tuxedo
A cigar butt in a china cup
Whiskey bottle with a missing screw top

Safety pins and hangers on the floor
A glimpse of you rushing out the door
And when you’re gone, I wait for you to come back home
It’s true: no matter how screwed…
it all comes together in you, in you

Every word is polarized
Your lips read something different than what’s written in your eyes
You gather friends, like yard sale odds and ends
Like Grandma’s VCR, a Japanese lawsuit guitar

Unopened letters on the floor
Phone bills and parking tickets in a kitchen drawer
But when you’re gone, I wait for you to come back home
It’s true: Those payments due…
they come together in you
When you want them to, in you, when you want them to

You listen to Skip James… and Tom Verlaine
You love ’em both but you’ll never see ’em on the bill together
Kurt Cobain, Sidney Bechet
Ain’t no way the two of them could share the same stage

But Richard Nixon couldn’t have had soul
Without that Shakey combo of country and rock and roll
So Gram and Emmylou might sing a song by Husker Du
It’s true: no matter how crude…
they might come together in you
If you want them to, in you, if you want them to, in you
You could make ‘em, you could make ‘em, you

© 2013 Mule-in-a-Swamp Music (ASCAP)

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