by Michael Painchaud

Genre: Folk


Well it seams as though the sky can cry, a falling drop, a tearful eye, but you and I can stop the falling rain,
And we have gone off on our own, lets find a spot and build a home, and watch the world behind a window pane,

And when the sky is falling we wont hear a sound, because we’re happy together,
And when the world is crashing we’ll wait around cause we can wait out the weather,

And I’ve travelled far across the earth, and i’ve seen the stars, for what it’s worth, but nothings ever better than right here,
And I have taken trains and driven cars, and played alot of strange guitars, but never heard the music in my ears,

I’m hear you know that I can always hear the sounds, of waves crash forever,
And when I’m here I get a feeling so profound, why don’t we all come together

We can ride our bikes out in the sand, and listen to the busking band, and watch the setting sun behind the pier,
We can stay out when it all gets dark, and light a lantern with a spark created by our laughter and our cheer,

And we’ll be happy because the world it seems so right, cause I was falling forever,
And we wont mind to stay out all throughout the night, cause we are happy together, yeah

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