Tommy Catt’s Bride

by Ian Williams

Genre: Country


O sweet was that girl I once saw at the fair
The pale skin of love and her raven-black hair
“O pray tell me, brother,” I spoke to the side
Says he, “Calm your ardour, for that’s Tommy Catt’s bride.”

Now Tommy Catt owns every plank in this town
And he’s judge at the courthouse for County and Crown
But I dreamed of the scent of her, sweated and sighed
And at daybreak went a-wooing for Tommy Catt’s bride

Says she when I met her in the lane by and by
“Oh, do me no wrong sir.” I answered, “Not I”
“Then will you come with me as companion and guide?
Will you come walking with Tommy Catt’s bride?”

Run away
Billy boy (x2)

She seized me and kissed me and begged for my aid
She said Tommy Catt was sadistic and crazed
Then she took me within her in a love cold and wild
And out in the fields I sowed Tommy Catt’s child

She said, “My sweet lover, you must grant me my due
For if you’d stay with me there’s work you will do.”
Then she kissed me and pressed into my hands the knife
And bade me depart to take Tommy Catt’s life

I sneaked to his house when the midnight did peal
I found him asleep and I woke him with steel
And I stabbed him right quickly when he woke with a start
Yes I was the man who pierced Tommy Catt’s heart

Run away
Billy boy (x2)

I ran to the place where the girl had remained
But the constables took me and they clad me in chains
And I knew then she’d tricked me and my chances were nought
And tomorrow they’ll hang me outside Tommy Catt’s court…

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