by Paul Hanna

Genre: Folk


Hurry up he says, mamas gonna have our necks. Tommy was Always lookin out for his bro. You see he was the older one, he always took the blame, it didn’t bother him when he took hits when mama thru fits.
Tommy was the elder, cuz papa died at two. The little one obeyed everything he said. No one put a hand on him, no one said a word, Tommy treated him like a Shepard gaurds his heard.
Little boy always asked why you always take care of me, Tommy always answered I do what you’d do for me.
The two went here and there, taking care, with their messy hair. Following trails that lead to nowhere, skipping stones in the streams, getting in and out of trouble, coming home not so cleans,
Momy always ask why I do what I did for him. And I always answer I did what he did for me.
When the draft came, of course they both went. Tommy promised mama they’d return soon. The two were stuck together , like a crazy glue, they often laughed and shared with the other troops..
Little boy always asked why you always take care of me. Tommy always answered…
Then the day came, where the carried a stench, the wind was at a stand still and the sun wasn’t out to play. The noise was drawing closer, little bro sensed a crook, then just like that he leaped in the air and took a bullet in his chest…….
Tommy was in the way, but then little brother fell and took a bullet to save. He saved his life..
Tommy held his brother an d asked why’d you do such a thing for me.
Little Boys last words were I did what you’d do for me…

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