Tonic & Gin

by Gail Maytom

Genre: Pop


Well, have you noticed before how much we try to fit in
Well there’s no food on the table
But at least we have our tonic and gin
It’s getting harder each day, and everyone’s so afraid
Instead of laughing we’re crying
To be heard in our own special way
But if you wanted to, you could be free
Stop trying so hard to live like a king

It’s tonic and gin with our friends on a Sunday
There’s no money left when it comes round to Monday
Trying hard to impress, but it’s not for the best
Can’t you see, that this is not the way it should be
This is not the way it should be, no this is not the way

It’s complicated I know, so over-rated this show
Well you don’t have to impress me
And show off to everybody you know
But there’s a chance for a much better day
Just slow down, take time out, the old-fashioned way

Oh oh you have the power
To stand up on your feet
Oh oh this is the hour
To fight for your life

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