Too Much Trouble

by Mike Hamer

Genre: Folk/Acoustic



Too much trouble all at one time
makes a man get lazy, makes a man go crazy
too much troule all at one time
and the river waters go rolling to the sea

Jack had a shack by the river bank
not too far from the railroad track
he grew tomatoes, peppers, corn
he knew how his hoe was worn
big ol’ flood came on Sunday
took the home he loved on Monday
now you rarely see him smile
he knows his grief’s gonna take a while

Lover Dan he fell in love
with a woman that he shouldn’t of
they had to meet in secrecy
he knew he could not be free
curse the goddess of small things
so much pain sweet love can bring
he swam at night to meet that wife
big ol’ river took his life

Sister Sue don’t know what to do
she’s got no sweet man to talk to
she’s always had men swarm like flies
now she’s learning beauty dies
she cries a river big as a lake
she can’t recall which pill to take
tryin’ to suss the big game plan
she hopes someday she’ll understand

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