Traveling Alone

by Bryan Patterson

Genre: Christian


I ‘m not traveling these roads alone.
I don’t get where I’m going for no reason.
Every time I make it home I know I’m not traveling alone.
Every day I have to make choices.
Which road do I travel on?
Sometimes I head down the wrong way but I’m never traveling alone.

Traveling alone is no way to be.
I’ve got my Savior traveling with me.
Sometimes I go my way but He never leaves.
My Savior is traveling with me.

I used to be lost in the desert.
I didn’t know which way to turn.
I pulled out the map called the Bible and prayed,
“Jesus, please help me to learn”.
Well, He helped me to change my direction.
I’m not perfect but, thank God, I’m saved.
Now I’ve got Jesus to lead me and i travel with Him every day.

Repeat chorus twice
(Ending: last line of chorus twice)

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