Triste Malaguena

by Julian Tucker

Genre: Instrumental


Triste Malaguena (Instrumental with spoken narrative)

Was it so long ago that
My body felt the strength of your arms
You held me so close.
That day,
Before the ship sailed

Just a few weeks and we’d be together again
I laughed as you said to me
“Don’t you forget me!”

You kissed the freckles on my forehead with your lips and
Gently tingled the soft skin behind my ears

I pretended to be a cat
and as we sat on the long bench by the harbor
I curled into your lap.

We were equal, you and I
Playing games, you would tie me,
And beat me,…
I wriggled and cried out
And a burning sensation would embrace my body,

But I revelled in the shame,
The exposure and the pain,
But It was me who controlled your passion
And me who you would love
With a desire so overwhelming
We became as one

Entwined and enraptured
Both of us guilty, but both innocent of deceit

Our love was ours alone,

I belonged to you
And you to me


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