Turkish coffee

by Ondrej Pivec

Genre: Pop


I know You like coffee so much
Your stile is to be unchangeable by girl
But very soon you’ll see change’s coming with me
……My baby…

I know you like coffee so much
To me it’s smelly like garbage, one day
very soon you’ll see change’s coming with me

Very near is day your cup will stay in the box!
All the beans of coffee stay under locks
You’ll never see this false poison again
You’ll be only mine, obedient boy

You gave up your coffee in the morning
Begin drinking in the evening, cold
bottle of the beer instead of lovely Turkish coffee

You know I can be patient darling
You can drink coffee in the morning
I thing one mug is not as bad just stay with me in bed
…..this evening…

Everything is better than stink of beer!
You can have your coffee Of course my dear!
There’s no better feeling than have you near
You’re the only mine obedient boy

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