Unique To Me

by J. Culture (Justin Cepeda)

Genre: Rock


Unique To Me by J. Culture (Justin Cepeda)

*verse 1*
One day, a girl ran up to me and said as she cried,
My boyfriend wants to have a baby, so, I couldn’t help but lie.
He’s the only guy that loved me best, you see,
(she said)
They tell me patience is a virtue, so is there anyone other than me?

You are, what makes the world go round,
(1st Chorus) You need, to take a minute to settle down.
(2nd Chorus) You’ll see, that everyone has their ups and downs.
(3rd Chorus) You’ll be stronger when things turn around.
(4th Chorus) Someday, I’ll be back home, safe and sound.
You lose, but only if you step back down,
it’ll only take a second just to look at your reflection,
and tell me what you see,
You’re unique to me.

*verse 2*
I met a woman who is twice my size.
But I’ve never met anyone better,
Cuz of the look that she gives in her eyes.
She turned to me and said this is not what it seems.
How can you mistreat a woman, when love is all she needs.


*verse 3*
I know a guy who is the nicest man as can be.
So as we sat and talked together, I discover, that he cares for nearly everything,
He started crying and told me melancholy,
Why should I care for the world, when no one cares for me?


*verse 4*
Have a friend of mine, but I left her at home
I’m stuck in the military life, and I’m traveling all alone.
A few more years into it, I’ll be moving again,
I just don’t think people can ever understand, how it feels to be leaving a friend,
I tell myself


You’re unique to me (x3)

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