Unity Represewnt Earth

by Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery

Genre: Pop


Unity, We represent earth
Unity, We represent earth

We all, are related, inhabitants of the world
We all, are connected, every man, boy woman and girl
Yet we kill and fight, and claim to be right but were wrong
We brought death and war, to our neighbors shores for too long

Unity, we represent earth
Unity, we represent earth

We all, have opinions, and religious faiths of our own
We all, have been guilty and have reasons we should atone
If we lift our hands and together dance we can live
As one world one beat, seeking love and peace and forgive

Unity, we represent earth
Unity, we represent earth

Clap Your Hands (repeat)

Get on your feet and let’s dance, let’s come together and lift up our hands
Let’s get the party started here right now, if you don’t know then I’ll show you how
move your feet from side to side and get loose and shake it on down
I don’t care what nation you’re from or if you’re Black, White Yellow or Brown
It’s the U-N-I-T-Y, were all one people, one Sun one sky
we don’t have to fight each other or die, we can have peace if we all just try
It’s one world, one planet one people, and only love eradicates evil
You can still love the land of your birth, but understand now we all represent earth

One world in unity, one world in unity

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