Unrequited Love

by Edgar Acevedo

Genre: Pop


Its been a while, since I’ve seen, you face.
And it’s, such a shame, for this love, to go to waste.

I remember when we first went out, like it was yesterday,
We were having so much fun I prayed, tomorrow never came,
But there were better times ahead for us, we made the best of those days,
And I never thought that it would end, I now feel the pain.

If you only, understood me,
You would know, that I never meant to hurt you or break our friendship,
Sad and lonely, when I lost you,
It was hard, to be friends, with an unrequited love.

It has been said, only time, can heal heart ache,
And its, very sad, makes me mad, to learn my fate.

I don’t want to be the one you turn to when you’re feeling gray,
While someone comes into your life and sweeps you away,
And I don’t want to be the one whos waiting for your love in vain,
This love is tearing me apart, I can’t take the pain.

Please forgive me, when I told you,
I could not, just be friends, and I could not help to fall in love with you,
Sad and lonely, when you told me,
That you don’t, feel the same, its an unrequited love.

(C) 2013 E. Acevedo.

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