Up North Song

by Kathleen Moore

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Up North Song

Why do I always come back here –
It’s never a question, I always come back.

More trees, breathing devotions.
Fresh water lakes, rivers in motion.
Wildness is coming back too –
MY wildness, is coming back too.

Why do I never get bored here –
You’re always a wonder, I’ll always come back.
Why do I never get tired here –
You’re full of such thunder, I’ll always come back.

Slippin sands, dune miles, and beach,
Legends here still try to teach,
A mother bear sleeps at the shore,
And all that happens here,
Happens in the dreams of that bear.

Rivers, motion, wildness, legends, wonder, thunder, dreams

If something struck and we all came back here
It wouldn’t be long for the green to cover our tracks
Why do we need to come back here –
It’s never a question, we need to come back.
We need to come back –
Our wildness

(alternate second verse, not on mp3 here)
Legend here still holds claim.
Prehistory calls from the sand hill cranes
A mother bear sleeps at the shore.
And all that happens here
Happened before in the dreams of the bear.

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