Us And Them

by Anthony Burbidge

Genre: Rock


“Us And Them”

Verse 1 (Part 1):
When I was just a boy
I believed what I was taught
To fear the Soviet Communists;
To fear their nuclear bombs

Verse 1 (Part 2):
But then as I grew up
I saw a falling wall
And that those beyond the red sunset
Were people after all

Pre Chorus 1:
Oh but who among us knew
What we were told was half the truth?
And so it stung us all when we were told
The Russians loved their children too

Well it’s always been Us and Them
And Us and Them is the lie we live

Verse 2 (Part 1):
So here we are again
In a war that has no end
And the ones we fight for what we say is right
Are the ones we should defend

Verse 2 (Part 2):
For past the fear that fuels the war
There lies a truth we can’t ignore
We know that those beneath the crescent moon
Are people after all

Pre Chorus 2:
Oh but who among us knew?
What we’ve been told is half the truth
And so it shames us all when we are told
The Muslims love their children too.

Well it’s always been Us and Them
And Us and Them is the lie we live

Verse 3 (Part 1):
Oo nadeecom ya ekhwaa
(I’m calling out to my brothers and sisters)
Ekhwaatee howla l’aalum
(My brothers and sisters around the world)
Downa nughenee saaweeaten
(Let’s sing together)
Leenoonhea l’aalam
(To put an end to the suffering)

Verse 3 (Part 2):
Nahnu aghsanoon mukhtelefah
(We’re like many branches)
Min jezren wahedah nanmoo
(All grown from one root)
Wabee rooghmee kheelafatina
(And in spite of our differences)
Natasharakoo l’almaal
(We share a common hope)

Pre Chorus 3:
Oh the time has come today
In spite of what our leaders say
We can begin again with no more us and them
For underneath we’re all the same

Chorus 3:
So let us all bring an end
To all this Us and Them
Because we know this Us and Them
Is a lie no one should live

Anthony Burbidge. August 31, 2006.

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