Useless Tongue

by Allen Haag

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Behave they say, don’t go wasting all your days,
Clock the hours for the things that matter most
But how could I even then be satisfied
When the things that I have cared about are ghosts
These optimists are all ignorant
Cause the life you’re living isn’t worth a cent
You’ll be laying in the grass watching all your seconds pass
During all the time you’re given to repent

So tear out your black heart and your useless tongue
And your underused legs and your overused lungs
Cause the air that you’ve been breathing it belongs to someone else
Who would rather make this life a nice place than a living hell

Listen close because the things that matter most
Are the things you’ve been ignoring all along
But it’s too late to start to contemplate
Or philosophize when we are too far gone
In my labyrinth mind I am wasting all my time
Trying to think of lyrics that I should’ve said
But I can’t cram them all into one unhappy song,
So I’ll summarize it all right now instead

Oh your life’s a lie and your hope’s a joke
And the goblin’s that feed it to you all will someday choke
Like the people all before that abandoned me
In a cruel and heartless spinning world for all eternity

I don’t know how my brain proceeds to go
Into all these little moments in my head
memories are as useless as the trees
In a desert where they all will soon be dead
Know that if I chose my ideas would all grow
And engulf the populace like a disease
And the world would feel all this pain I know is real
And the gravity would shake them to their knees

I know that’s unrealistic cause this song is just a jumble
Of the thoughts that leave my mouth in a hypocritical mumble
So just feed me to the birds and just hang me from the trees
Like the people that I used to know did with such grace and ease

I’ve been here somewhat subconsciously my dear
But this deep hypnotic state will soon be done
I’ll be flying over houses, over piers,
And I’ll wake all of your homes spitting poison
I’ll play my guitar and I’ll the strum the 4/4 bars
And I’ll drive the melody into your brain
So soon you’ll see, this whole life has been a breeze,
But the thundering clouds foreshadow constant rain

With my blackened heart and my useless tongue
Oh the ones that I cry to will be the ones I loved
Someday they’ll be dead and it’ll pierce my heart of stone
But until then I’ll be pessimistic till I am alone
Until pessimism’s reasonable and sadness is my home
And the people push my body to a cold unending tomb

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