by Bern Prost

Genre: Folk/Acoustic



Victory has a price
Getting higher with every shot you take
You remember what you had
But you go home without your name

Intention can’t be denied
You know how to win with what you’ve got
Leave behind what you had
There’s a price to pay to get home

If you hold the cards and play the odds
Don’t fold ’em the enemy will bluff
Ain’t no choices when you’re going down
Ain’t no choices when you win the round

Distant drums are beating now
It’s a broken road but you have to carry on
Leave behind what you can’t have
There’s a price to pay to get home


Where do you go when you’re lonely
Where do you go to hide
Tarnished silver on the outside
But your soul is gold

Where are you now Uncle Sam?
You should be one on one with every man
They give and gave bare to the bone
Hold ’em Sam hold ’em long and strong

Your calling card has come and gone
Oh King of Hearts do not let us down
Honor those they played to win
There’s a price to pay to bring ’em home
Yeah there’s a price to pay to bring ’em home

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