Voices On The Sea

by Jacob Furr

Genre: Folk


Can you hear the voices
Of the wind upon the sea?
Late at night, when I’m alone
The voices call to me

It was in my days of childhood
I heard a lonesome sound
No one else seemed to hear
The echoes all around

So I set out to follow
Wherever they would lead
One day I knew that I would find
The place I was meant to be

Thats how I found my self
At this lonely point of light
Rowing out to rescue those
Who are dashed upon the heights

With every moment separate
From the life that I had known
I bring them back the ones like me,
Who the voices called to roam

One day the voice was stronger
Than ever I heard before
The boat was tossed so violently
As I rowed away from shore

That how I’ve come to lie here
On this hill beneath the trees
I still hear the voices
As they sing across the sea

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