Wait for Me

by Kimberlee Robbe

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Wait for Me

We were happy….we were lovers
There wasn’t anything we couldn’t face together
Ya we were best of friends….you had me heart and soul
Oh you made the world a brighter place you made me whole
That was us…..way back when…..that was us

Then the night came….it happened so fast
In a moment everything we had was in the past
The world came crashing down…was nothing I could do
I couldn’t turn back time to find my way back to you
You were gone…..ohhhh….you were gone

Oh I hear you laughing in the wind…it happens to me everyday
You’re not there again and your laugh just fades away
Oh could it be…..standing in the pouring rain
Is it you I see…..turning into mist again
Wait for me…..ohhhhhh…..wait for me

Wherever you are….is where I wanna be
Oh I need your love to make things right oh can’t you see
Without you in my world…..my life is so wrong
Oh I’ll walk into the night and stay there from now on
To be with you…..ohhhh….to be with you

Repeat chorus

Wait for me….I’ll meet you in my dreams tonight
Wait for me….I’ll see you when I close my eyes
Wait for me …..ohhh…..wait for me

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