Wait Out the Rain

by Matt Pennington

Genre: Americana/Country


Wait Out the Rain

My better half and I had the big fight
so I decided to drown my sorrows
About three drinks in, in walked a man
and set up camp beside me at the bar
Rusting old fingers spinning his ring as he threw back a shot of Jim Beam
He said “Hit me again” as clouds filled the window
Then I thought I’d wait out the rain

The clock started spinning as fast as our heads,
we shared stories and then a few laughs
He pulled out a picture older than scripture
as the puddles swelled under street lamps
He said “I was about your age when I let my life slip away
I should have kept trying but I was tired of fighting
I just couldn’t wait out the rain”

It starts with a drop then ends in a river
Drowns families and homes, leaves children shivering
But delicate flowers, calloused-hand farmers and an old man down at the bar
Spend their lives praying and their time waiting on…waiting on…

About a quarter till 4:00 I crept through the doorway,
as she lie awake in our bed
I pulled her close then we threw off our clothes
and forgot the harsh words we’d said
As she fell asleep I could feel her heart beating as I replayed my day
I listened to the water hitting the window
And I thought I’d wait out the rain

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