Waiting for Summer

by Kent Heckaman

Genre: Folk


Once we saw colors, red and gold
Burning like fire on the hill
Waiting for summer
Trees stand like bones and pray for sun
Once we heard music in the fields
Echoing ancient melodies
Waiting for summer
The silent snow is fast asleep
I’ll find the shelter where you hide away, my love
Clear a path up to your door
Throw back the curtains ‘till a million beams of light
Refracting green and blue
Once we saw colors burning
Like fire on the hill
Once we hear music playing
Echoing through the hills
Waiting for summer
The frozen stems will rise again
Good things that end will rise again
Migrating doves back to their home
And while the shadows climb the wall
I’d wait a thousand winters through
Waiting for summer
Melting the glaciers into sea
Once we heard music in the fields

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