Wakin Up To History

by Adam Bricks

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Nothing is personal
Nothin is free
I take the pills,
but they can’t take me

I walk through heaven, drive through hell
and nothin’s closer to death than a cheap hotel

I got my cast
I got my crew
But i dont tell them,
what to do

So they fall off balconies
into the streets
reciting songs, smokin in alleyways
waitin for me

And I will watch them dissapear
I’m Wakin Up to History

Dont get jealous
Dont feel ashamed
you ain’t no closer to it
than the baby you’ve just named

he’s got no way, no worth or class
he’s nobody’s noone, goin nowhere fast

And no matter what you wanna make him see
he’s wakin up to history

Coast to coast, its all been done
but tell me sweetheart, are ya havin fun?
we sail through skies, untouched just given
you can call it chained, workin or free
i call it livin

And it’s the only way to be,
when you’re Wakin Up To History

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