walk of life

by violet naytowhow

Genre: Americana/Country


Walk of life- Chords- D d a g

I can feel the freedom
On those nice and sunny days
Feeling like myself
I can practice my ways
I used to feel like dying
Sometimes I wished to die
But now im so at peace
I am happy inside

That’s the walk
That’s the walk of life
That’s the walk
The walk of life
That’s the walk
That’s the walk of life, that’s the walk
The walk of life

The days seem so numbered
There seems to be no time
Im finding my way
Keeping my peace of mind
feeling real grateful
keeps things as they should be
and knowing im blessed
helps me to stay free

Music break
You gotta keep on going no matter how you walk
Cuz its true when they say you gotta walk your talk

That’s the walk (hold strings on some and sing song) then
Let strings go and sing rest and finish

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