Wallpaper’s Peeling

by Greg McAteer

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


There are tears on my pillow
this time they’re not mine
In the darkness I know you’re crying
I hear the sobbing like I always do
but this time the hurts not my own

the wallpapers peeling here
I can’t tell what I’m feeling here
but I don’t like the atmosphere
now we’re both alone

But it’s gone
that feeling is gone
and I can’t pull it back from the brink.
Oh, you hurt me so many times
without even stopping to think
of the things that I did for you
all that I felt, the tears that I cried
as I longed to be held.


Now I’ve taken my heart and I’ve swaddled it
hidden it safe from the cold
In a place that you never saw inside of me
where there’s someone I’m longing to hold


Cars hiss through the rain here
speed away from the pain here
I’ve got nothing to gain here
so why am I staying?

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