Way Down

by Tomek Kruk

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


I can find you with my eyes closed,
And I’ll find you by the smell
The perfume you wore when you kissed me babe
Is the one I know so well
If you give me one good shout
I’ll sure come running back
We’ll break up, then I’ll make it up
But each time it will leave a crack

It’s better when you hate me
Cause it saves me so much pain
Every time you smile at me
I fall in love again
I fall in love again
And I feel like I could drown
I fall in love and I break my neck
On the way down
Way down, way down
I fall in love and I break my neck
On the way down

See you off when you take the train
And I’ll meet you at the other end
Everything we did so far
looks better from where I stand
If we give it one last chance
We’ll blow it and it’s nothing new
Pain of hearts is the price we pay
For the things we’re going through

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