What Are You Waiting For

by Randolph Walker

Genre: Pop




All day long you wear someone else’s face
All day long you run someone else’s race
Though you place the game just to stay alive
You were meant for more than the nine to five
Someday you’ll leave it, if you believe it
You’ve got a chance to make it, go ahead and take it

Hey boy, what are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?

There’s a gift that nobody else can bring,
There’s a song that nobody else can sing
There’s a dance that nobody else can do,
There’s a book that no one can write but you
Dreams that you treasure won’t last forever,
So put your fears behind you and trust in what’s inside you


BRIDGE: And if you need a shoulder, you don’t have to look very far
So come just a little bit closer, why don’t we talk it over?



Time won’t wait so why not begin today?
Don’t look back, you’re already on your way
If you fail or if you win wealth and fame,
They can’t say you played someone else’s game.
Those who would break you, don’t let ’em shake you
Love will make you stronger, it won’t take much longer


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