What I Read In The Books

by Majcher

Genre: Rock


What’s in your hand?
You promised the man
You’d find him a different plaything
Step toward the book
You villainous crook
Your head is a ticking timebomb
You’re just the man I saw in Kazan
and you told me of your life
Was it like what I read in the books?
Was it hard to look?
For a soldier you’re mistook
I’m the fiend
Red-faced and green
My head is a ticking timebomb

I am not the man I want to be
And there are so many things I wish that I could see
You’ve got to find a place much closer to the heart

I am a string
“Go tell the queen”
Her head is a ticking timebomb
I am mean, red and green
How can I prevent this past harm
I do not think
I can just blink
And that you will all just fade away
Turn the page
Stick your face in the book
Villainous crook
I am not shook
By the way you try to complain
that I am a ticking timebomb

I am far from where I want to be

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