What’s Between Us

by Pilani Bubu

Genre: Folk


Verse 1
Days gone by I haven’t seen him
I’m longing for your smile
even just a grin
I’m your uptown girl
come and see your queen
its only avenues and streets between us

Verse 2
I’m not the kind of girl, to wait around
For the one I love,
to come around
all i want from him
is to show me love
Tell me that you feel love between us

Im coming over
Im coming there to stay
Im not going no where
Im coming there to stay

What I feel
Inside my heart
Love so real we can never part
Couldn’t even stand
another day

Each and every step i take towards you place
feels like i’m walking on the outer space
tell me that, you’ll ask me to stay

Verse 3
So I’m walking down the road
to where my love is
And all i want from him,
is just one kiss
Counting all the robots between us
it feels like forever’s between us

Verse 4
Big bold arms,
im loving your embrace
Your chest against mine,
i can feel your heart
I can feel it beat and its keeping time
It’s rhythms of love thats between us

Well I’m coming one
I’m coming there to stay
i’m not going nowhere
I’m coming there to stay

Chorus x 2

and out

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