When I am Still

by Cynthia Brando

Genre: Americana/Country


I was just a girl
Who never felt at ease
The only time that I
would ever feel alive

Was in the forest
deserts meadows ocean streams
To feel the way the earth
would move beneath my feet
To feel my heart beat against the sky
Sometimes blue
Sometimes grey

To get out of my mind
I would run away
To not feel so confined
Leave my life behind

To see the world
from a different
point of view
To sleep under the darkness
with the stars and moon
But when I returned back
to my empty room
I would cry
lonely tears

And then the day came
When I just couldn’t hide
I wanted to feel
A beauty deep inside

To be a flower
blooming in the sun
To see a way
of what I could become
Before the fear consumed
any peace I found
But now a light
slowly burns
And shines bright
When I am still

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