When She’s Gone

by Hayward L. Hurst

Genre: Americana/Country


(1Verse) Why do we never let go- even when we know we’re hurt? Why do we open up the scars we try to heal? Your gonna miss her when she’s leaving-Your gonna miss her when she’s leaving- She said, thought you should know- my bags are by the front door- i’m on my way back to Memphis, Tennessee- She’s gonna find a man who will treat her like a beauty queen- All she needed was love.

(Chorus) Your gonna miss her when she’s leaving- Your gonna miss her when she’s leaving- When she’s gone- when she’s gone.

(2Verse) She said, You don’t believe in my dreams! You promised to give me the stars- but, all you ever gave was broken- hearts! A fist to the face- gave the love away- Now she’s broken- Now she’s crying- Look at her boy- Her heart is dying again-
(3Verse/Bridge)Let go of your pride- And tell that girl- she’s your life- she’s your world- And when she cries- look her in the eyes- And tell her she’s your baby- Sing her this song- Tell her you were wrong- Let go of the past-I think it’s to late- she’s already gone

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