When you were born

by Miguel Reyes

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


“When you were born”
Written, and vocal arranged by, Miguel Reyes.

1st verse

Since the day that you were born I new that I would see my life was going to change. I held you in my arms I wept with tears of joy, and I praised his name. As I see you grow each and everyday before my eyes through these first years. I see the faith of miracles in you.


These are the times I’ll always remember with you. These are the days of joys and laughter we share.

2nd verse

When I look into your eyes the visions that I see of when I was a child, brings back the memories of running wild and free, searching for my dreams. Through these changing times that were living in I must be strong and teach the righteous way, so we can live forever in his grace, amen.

Repeat chorus


You are my everything. The beauties that you bring so heavenly, when you were born I was born again, now I kneel and pray in his name Alleluia. I never thought I’d ever see the day. When my child was born, when my child was born. The day my child was born Alleluia. I was born again.

Repeat chorus

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