Where Did Love Go

by Hannah Rand

Genre: Folk


Where Did Love Go?
Music and Lyrics by Hannah Rand
Written 2013

Verse 1
Stuff like this isn’t supposed to happen.
I thought the world was held in God’s hand
But what are you supposed to do when nothing can change a thing
Surrounded by empty eyes

Where did love go, where did love go?
Where did love go?

Verse 2
It’s hard to sit here and wonder
Cause I am here and you are far.
I wish that the world had room for all the colors
So you and I had a chance to know each other

Chorus (x2)

I can’t believe in destiny cause if it were true you’d be with me
I pray that someday we’ll have nothing to fear

But in the meantime,
I have love here.
Bring your love here

We’ll have love here
We’ll have love here
We’ll have love here
We’ll have love here

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