While You’re Asleep

by Siena Friend

Genre: Pop


what goes on while you’re asleep
dreaming all your obsessive dreams
pretending what’s in your head is real
but there’s so much happening out here
secret loves begin to unfold
over the midnight telephone
and someone waits for her secret package
but the city doesn’t hold its breath
the lights are changing red to green
the work of a never resting machine
and a boy is playing his guitar
but across the ocean there’s still a war
so sleep sound my friend
you can pretend what you want to pretend
you can search for some long lost eyes
don’t think about the outside

but somewhere there’s a magic room
with a ceiling that spins to look at the moon
and now i know for sure it’s true
the planets are spinning up there too
Saturn shimmers its perfect rings
are more beautiful than anything
and Jupiter’s moons are circling
in a perfect harmony
and though it’s far this too is true
someone lies in a skinny room
with the window open so
the rain can blow in on her face
checking the clock it’s almost two
and that’s when she thinks of you
so if love is more real than a dream
maybe you will think of me

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