White Stallion

by Michael Theodore

Genre: Folk


White Stallion

He walks home under the street lights
Casting shadows long and dark across the sidewalk
Wondering how he ever came,
Wondering how he ever came this far down the road
And who’s he gonna turn to now. Now there’s no where left for him to go.

He’ll go home riding, riding on a white stallion.

She wakes up and takes a long look in the mirror
A few more line around her eyes tells her she’s been living lies again.
How did she ever get this far, how did she ever get this far down.
Who’s she gonna turn to now, who’s she gonna find this time around.

She’ll go home riding, riding on a white stallion.

And it’s late, not too late to penetrate
The life you left behind, the one you’re trying so hard to find tonight
Keep your chin up high, boy, keep your head up high toward the sky
And show ‘em who you really are,
Show ‘em what your made of while you ride.

And you’ll go home riding, riding on a white stallion.

Michael Theodore

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