Who was that old Man

by Ed Bentley

Genre: Country


The Old Man ( Bentley)
Still dont know, where he came from, showed up one day, in our little town
Said he’d work for food, he was an Old Man

Long hair hangin’, like spanish moss, ’round his neck, little wooden cross
Looked pretty ragged, down on his luck, this Old Man

-Widow Jones said she’d take him in, couldn’t pay much, she’d keep him fed
Plenty work to do, ’round her place, for the Old Man

He’d fix anything, needed fixin’, she needed help, he’d always pitch in
Pretty good deal for the widow, and the Old Man
Few days, maybe a week went by, wasn’t long, fore we wondered why
STRANGE things began to happen, ’round The Old Man

Was a drought that year, not a cloud in the sky, didnt rain soon, crops would die
The Old Man just smiled, looked toward heaven, it started raining

-Or the day Jimmy Johnson, who’d just turned five, FELL in the river,he’d gone down twice
Swear the water parted, as the Old Man reached to save him

Saw miracles happen, few more times, seems when they did, the old man was close by
Even skeptics were amazed, whats going on here
-Then he dissappeared, fast as he came, gone like the wind, not trace
Till the widow found that cross, with a note, on her kitchen table

Tears fell as she read that day, Matthew 24, is all she’d say
She bought a bible, joined the church, Jimmy Johnson became a preacher

20 years later, questions remain, who the old man was, or why he came
I believe the widow and Pastor Johnson know, but they ain’t talkin’

I did read that chapter on Matthew though, could that really have been who the old man was?
The old man, the old man
Who do you think the old man was

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