Why Did She Go

by Mike Hyden

Genre: Jazz/Blues



Why did she go
Somebody tell me, I’d really like to know
Just why it was when I needed her the most
She became a ghost and disappeared
Has it been years

No it was only yesterday
I’m sure by now she’s a million miles away
Oh can’t she hear, I’ve been calling out her name
Saying I’m to blame, but still she’s gone
Can I go on

I even wonder how I find the strength to sing
This first unhappy song about her
I’ll never understand how she could take a good thing
And crush it in her hand
Turn it into sand

And let my tears wash it away
A billion pieces of love washed down the drain
But I must try to collect up every grain
Somehow through the pain I’ll find the will
Won’t stop until

I put each piece back into place
A few more years, she’ll be here to dry my face
Am I a fool to believe there’s still a chance
To reconstruct romance or should I know
To let it go

I need to know
Why did she go

Why did she go

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